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"I want to help nuture a new generation of professionals who are dedicated to making HR as their career."

- David Li

"It is a two-way learning street:my mentees learned from me, and I learned from them."

- Judy Cheung 

"I believe that both mentroes and mentees have been benefited and learned from one another."

- Margaret Cheng

"Experience sharing between seasoned and relatively fresh HR professionals is essentials."

- Virginia Choi


 "My mentor's suggestions help me to develop great practival solutions."

- Partick Cheng

 "My mentor is very willing to share her experience and views. We discussed practival issues encountered at work, such as payrolls related regulations and tax matters."

- Nancy Ma

"Thank you for your guidance and your impartial skills that have shaped and enlightened my career life." 

- Joyce Chau

"Thank you fo rimparting the knowledge and wisdom that have been a great help and support to me. You have been an excellent friend, mentor and a great inspiration for me." 

- Sarah Cheng

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