Research & Development Intro

Introduction to Research & Development at HKIHRM

Regular Surveys

  • Pay Trend and Pay Level Survey
  • Manpower Statistics Survey
  • Training & Development Needs Survey
  • Benefits Survey

Bespoke Service

  • Employee Experience Surveys

The Pay Trend Survey is conducted twice a year and crucial information related to the latest pay adjustment level and forecast is collected from organisations operating in Hong Kong.  The Pay Level Survey is an annual study that measures pay level of jobs in thirteen professions in four different seniority levels.

Since 2002, the HKIHRM Manpower Statistics Survey has been collecting data to track manpower movements in the labour market in Hong Kong. Done twice a year, the reports are usually published in April and October every year.

The Training & Development Needs survey is an annual study which tracks changes in the training and development budgets earmarked for employees, training needs of different job levels as well as prevailing training practices.  The report is published in Q3 in the following year.

Conducted once every three years, the HKIHRM Benefits Survey gauges the provision of various types of benefits by employers to local employees working in Hong Kong as well as those stationed in mainland China.  The findings shed light on current market trends and practices.

The Employee Experience Survey is a bespoke service provided by HKIHRM to clients wishing to have a health check on how their employees feel about their orgaisation, leaders, their work and workplace.  It is a valuable tool that can be leveraged to enhance employee communication and identify opportunities for improvement.

If you are interested in any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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