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HKIHRM HR Professional Standards

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The HKIHRM has unveiled the new HR Professional Standards Model, marking a major milestone for the Institute in achieving its mission—to develop, maintain and enhance professional human resource management standards and to increase the value and influence of human resource management profession.

By defining the human resource management practicing standards in terms of KNOWLEDGEEXPERIENCE and CAPABILITY, the HR Professional Standards Model provides a framework to help navigate HR practitioners' own professional career paths and map their development needs. It also facilitates the recognition of individuals who have attained the professional standards through the HKIHRM membership.

The new professional standards present comprehensive overhaul of HR's foundations and a raising of the bar in HR's ambitions. Ultimately, the standards of HR professionals create and add value to organisations and community as a whole.

In short, we are "Setting Standards – Recognising Professionals".


HKIHRM HR Professional Standards At A Glance

The Institute has published the booklet “HKIHRM HR Professional Standards Model-Creating Values For You and For Organisations” providing an overview on the HKIHRM HR Professional Standards Model. In order to describe the contributions of HR professionals at different levels of the organisations, “My HR Career Ladder” is attached herewith the booklet for reference.

Copy of the booklet is now available. Please click the below to download the booklet in PDF version.


HKIHRM HR Professional Standards Model-Creating Values For You and For Organisations


The Career Development Guide provides a useful reference on the different types and levels of HR profession so as to make it clear to employers how HR can add value to their own organisations based on the HKIHRM HR Professional Standards Model. For HR practitioners, this Guide provides information on the key competencies and experience that practitioners at different levels are expected to possess.


HKIHRM-Career Development Guide

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HKIHRM HR Professional Standards

HKIHRM HR Professional Standards Model

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