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19 Apr 2017


HKIHRM Mentorship Programme - Talk with Mentor, Ms Alice Wong




8 Apr 2017

Mentorship Programme Activity – Visit to MTR Training & Development Centre





18 Jan 2017


HKIHRM Mentorship Programme – Mentor’s Sharing cum First Networking Gathering in 2017

20170118 - Mentorship for publishing



29 Jun 2016


HKIHRM Mentorship Programme 2015/16 Closing Ceremony


The closing ceremony of Mentorship Programme 2015/16 was held concurrently with the 23rd HKIHRM Annual General Meeting on 29 June 2016. It was an opportunity to acknowledge the participation of Mentees and show appreciation to Mentors. Click here for the video highlights of the Programme.


Mentoship 2015 16




15 Apr 2016


HKIHRM Offers Opportunities for Mentorship Sharing & Networking


Mr David Li, President of HKIHRM talked to a group of mentees on the topic of “Generation Diversity in Workplace” in the third mentor’s sharing session held on 15 April 2016. After the talk, a gathering was arranged to provide a valuable opportunity for the mentors and mentees to meet and get to know each other better. The mentees found the series of sharing sessions fruitful and beneficial. The next Mentorship Programme is open for application in Q3, 2016.


IMG 2308 IMG 2358



9 Mar 2016


Mentorship Programme 2015 – Talk with Mentor Ms Judy Cheung, Associate Director of PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited


The 2nd Mentor Sharing Session was staged on 9 March 2016, featuring Ms Judy Cheung, Associate Director of PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited, who has been a dedicated mentor since 2012. On this occasion, Judy presented the topic ‘Workforce Transformation’ and described how it can be effectively adopted in a company. The 16 young participants found this subject very useful and practical for their situations and in particular appreciated the direct dialogue with Judy.

IMG 0378 IMG 0383



2 Dec 2015


Mentorship Programme 2015 – Mentors sharing session with Ms Connie Lam, HR Director of CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd

A series of Mentors sharing sessions of 2015 Mentorship Programme are being staged throughout the year. The first one was organised on 2 December 2015, featuring Ms Connie Lam, HR Director of CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd, who has been a mentor for IHRM since 2012. Connie shared ‘Strategic Thinking on HR’ with 20 HR young guns (participants of the Mentorship Programme), explaining her insight into how to develop a broad and strategic mind-set from daily life to workplace. Participants were keen on exchanging their views with Connie in response to her talk which was practical and constructive.

Further sharing sessions are being arranged, please refer to our future notifications.

20151202 1 20151202 2



23 Jun 2015


The closing ceremony of 2014 Mentorship Programme was run concurrently with the 22nd HKIHRM Annual General Meeting on 23 June 2015. It was a great opportunity to express appreciation to Mentors and acknowledge the participation of Mentees.



22 May 2015 

Ms Virginia Choi, an accomplished HR professional, gave an enlightened talk on her experience to a group of young HR practitioners at a sharing session of the HKIHRM Mentorship Programme 2014-15. The topic was “Your Career, Your Ownership” and she guided the participants on ways of improving career planning. Four important questions were raised, - “Where am I now?”, “Where do I want to be?”, “How do I get there?” and ““How am I doing?” Ms Choi urged them to reflect on these points and the participants gained some useful insights into future career planning through her interesting clarifications.

DSC01254 DSC01274

10 Dec 2014

The Institute organised a networking dinner on 10 Dec 2014, 20 of mentors and mentees joined it to make new friends and meet old acquaintances. All found the night impressive, enjoyable and inspiring.

DSC DSC09215

26 Jun 2014

The closing ceremony of 2013 Mentorship Programme was held concurrently with the Institute’s 21st Annual General Meeting on 26 June 2014 to celebrate the past fruitful year and recognise contributions of all participants.

HKIHRM Photo 3

12 Dec 2013

The Institute organised a Happy Hour gathering for over 20 programme participants, the occasion provided a networking platform for them to share, mingle and learn from seasoned HR professionals. Enter to its second year, 21 pairs of mentors and mentees have been matched.  

 DSC00254 DSC00262

26 June 2013

The closing ceremony of 2012 Mentorship Programme was held concurrently with the Institute’s 20th Annual General Meeting on 26 June 2013. The Programme has received wide support and positive comments from members.


6 March 2013

A networking dinner for mentors and mentees was held on 6 March 2013, with an aim to provide a platform for them to mingle and network with their counterparts. A total of 16 mentors and mentees participated in the event and shared their mentoring experience during the occasion. All enjoyed the cozy atmosphere and delicious food.


27 July 2012

As one of the initiatives to mark HKIHRM's 35th anniversary, the Mentorship Programmeme launched in June attracted 16 pairs of mentors and mentees in the first year. The Institute organised the first gathering in July 2012 to kick off the Programme, in which over 20 participants attended. The occasion provided a good opportunity for them to know each other well.


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