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Major Events and Learning Corner Highlight



Reconciling Immigration in Dynamic Times

On 18 May, nearly 25 HR practitioners and corporate executives joined the seminar “Reconciling Immigration in Dynamic Times” which was delivered by Fragomen. Three senior immigration experts from Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai were invited by The Institute to share their views on the legal updates of Greater China and the Bay Areas, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. They discussed policy implementation, top tips and case studies for companies to proactively balance the compliance and growing business demand for cross-border talent. In the closing discussion they forecast trends across the region in terms of immigration reforms and the protection of local labour. All participants enjoyed a great day of learning and networking.

 IMG 9154

Visit to MTR Management Training Development Centre

MTR introduced their training development centre to HR practitioners. They showed their classrooms and shared how they trained up their operation and management staff. The participants enjoyed and learnt much from the sharing.

 MTR visit

Think on Your Feet®

With Six Basic Plans for Persuasive Communication and technical strategies, this licensed programme introduces how to structure ideas simply and persuasively, avoid common communication traps, deal with hostile situations or handle objections positively and use techniques to identify listeners’ hopes, fears and background knowledge.



2018 The Future Workplace Seminar x Unlock Talent Potential Practical Workshop


On 20 April, 13 speakers gathered and shared their practical experiences on how to embrace the new world of talent management at 2018 The Future Workplace Seminar x Unlock Talent Potential Practical Workshop organised by the HKIHRM. The topics covered were comprehensive, including AI, big data analytics, gamification, AR, VR, design thinking and HR strategies used to drive innovation and help build an agile workforce for organisations. In the session of future hiring strategies, the participants learned from the speakers’ sharing of their human capital development strategies - engaging persons with disabilities, retired athletes, women in needs, and resorting to new talent matching measures among others.



IMG 8418

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How to use WeChat as a training platform?

This workshop enabled participants to learn about the features of WeChat, how to use as training platform, hidden rules and regulations of running WeChat group and case studies. The participants set up a Wechat group and tried different functions and properties. They could see the showcase of computer and mobile screen.


 IMG 8081

Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders

Mr. Joo Seet Tan flied from Singapore to deliver Situational Leadership®Through a combination of instructor-led training, multimedia, role-playing and skill-building activities, it provided ample opportunity to practice applying the core tenets of the model. Participants learn to effectively manage any situation by immediately prioritizing broad actions into specific tasks and utilizing the tools that indicate each individual’s ability to perform.




Corporate Visit – Training Centre (Kowloon Bay) Get together at Hong Kong Baptist Hospital


It was a remarkable oppourtunity to visit the training centre of HKBH. The organisation introduced how they overcome the challenges of training accreditation to develop new blood adopting. They also explained how high technology to bring an enjoyable and exciting experience to participants to improve learning outcome. At the end, participants could have a simple health assessment. It was an interactive and fruitful experiecne.





Design Thinking for Human Resources

On 13 March, our full-day interactive workshop “Design Thinking in Human Resources” was successfully held. We are honor to invite Flick Hardingham to be our speaker. She is the founder of Habit, the innovative leadership and culture consultancy based in London. She came from oversea for delivering the workshop. Her interactive programmes use Design Thinking to arm organisations with the attitude, behaviour and culture to drive employee engagement, improve processes and thrive in the innovation economy. In this workshop, participants expressed their ideas by writing on memo then categorizing them, also got opportunities to know each other. They enjoyed the group setting as well as the focus on discussion and interaction.



 IMG 0497

企業微信 WeChat at work - Driving Revolution in Enterprise Mobility through WeChat

IHRM is glad to invite speakers, Ms. Caroline Lu and Ms. Michelle Liu from Tencent to introduce Wechat at Work. It is a new applicaiton which definitely assists HR practitioners to handle loads of administraiton work. We are pleased to see the website operations and application display during the seminar. It provides a vivid concept and image to us. 

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Legal & Compliance Event: Looking Back, Looking Forward (AM session - Hong Kong) (PM session - PRC China)

On 2 February, more than 100 HR practitioners and business executives attended the “HKIHRM 2018 Looking Back, Looking Forward” whole-day seminar split into Hong Kong and China PRC sessions. With a total of eight speakers from the legal, business and HR sectors to share practical cases, the seminar aimed to update HR practitioners on imminent legal issues and topics ranging from General Data Protection Regulations and Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, amendments to MPF regulations, to equal opportunities and workplace discrimination. The China PRC session addressed employment law and professional qualification standards in China PRC. It was a great day of learning and networking for the participants.

  MG 3752

 MG 3838


Gamification in recruitment: Gimmick or Game Changer?

The seminar got a great success. The topic focused on when gamification is applied to the recruitment process, candidate elimination is much faster as it allows companies to test specific skills like time management, creative and innovative thinking etc. It also helps the candidate to grasp the information about the company and policies while having fun.

James Daniels is a Managing Director whose company pioneer in psychometric assessments, gamification, machine learning, data analytics and behavioural psychology. He has over 20 years experience in formulating HR strategies and worked in various leadership positions in multinational corporations, such as France Telecom, and start ups. All participants enjoyed the session and enriched full knowledge.


 IMG 7346

IMG 7352



Cybersecurity: Survive in the Age of Cyberthreats 網絡安全:管理階層的角色和責任

HKIHRM invited professionals to talk about how to fight back the most common type of economic crimes. They led a discussion on prevention of Cyber-attacks in HR, Legal & Insurance aspects.  The paticipants gained a lot of recommendations in preventing the crime.

The professionals also discussed on whether internet access is a useful corporate benefit. 6 professionals come from different backgrounds, including police, IT, insurance. With their professions, all participants consolidated strong knowledge in cybersecurity. 

IMG 7253





FUN Ceramic-making Workshop 寓學習於娛樂︰陶藝工作坊

HKIHRM collaborated with FoTool Concept to arrange two classes for HR practitioners to kindle growth and skills in life via art. The experience of working with clay is for sensory development, motor skills, self-esteem, and self-expression, problem solving skills, discipline, and pride. Through the 4-hour workshops, 12 participants experienced fun and joy in the ceramic world.

3 instructors including Ms Christine Pang taught participants the importance of patience, attention to details, as well as skills of overcoming mistakes during pottery. All participants created and painted beautiful sets of Japanese teacup, chopsticks holder and sushi plate within half day.

 DSC 9186

DSC 9208


Pay Trend and Benefits Seminar

The 2017 HKIHRM Pay Trend & Benefits Seminar took place on 3rd November, and this year's seminar was yet another success, with nearly 230 HR practitioners and business executives enjoying a fruitful day of learning from an excellent line-up of speakers including economists, HR experts , legal practitioners, and pay and benefits specialists.

They shed light on Hong Kong's current and future economic environment and offered updates on the latest trends in pay and benefits from legal and business perspectives. The seminar also came with an exhibition where pay and benefits solutions were introduced to the participants.


Principles & Challenges of Salary & Benefits System Design Workshop

The workshop Principles & Challenges of Salary & Benefits System Design conducted on 11th October was full of joy. Mr. Vincent Luk shared his experience on main principles of employee reward management and the techniques in tackling some common issues in pay management due to external or organizational changes.

Participants understand the importance of reward management for staff motivation and retention and how to manage common compensation issues arising from economic or organizational changes. Compensation and benefits is a major function of HR, Learning and Development department will organize more related training in the upcoming future.


 IMG 6475

IMG 6476


Think on Your Feet® Workshop

The Think on Your Feet® took place on 18th and 19th August. Dr. Wallance Ma shared his experience on communication skill and the participants enjoy the favorable moment.

The fascinating workshop introduces the technique for communication with efficiency. Participants acknowledged how to handle difficult interaction with customers, get ideas across at meetings and answer tough questions on-the-spot.


 IMG 6341

IMG 6342


Seminar on Can we design and develop Virtual Reality courses? - The Future of VR Commercial Solutions

Can we design and develop Virtual Reality courses? - The Future of VR Commercial Solutions seminar took place on 30st August. Mr. Kelvin Chan, Joseph Tong and Chris Cheung shared their experience on virtual reality and how to design VR training for their employee.

The participants will have an opportunity to try the latest and greatest Head Mount Display that includes Oculus, HTC, mobile VR, and other VR equipment. This is a fun, educational, interactive and eye-opening experience for everybody.

IMG 6175

2017 5th Annual Training Needs Seminar-cum-ATD Post-conference Sharing

The event took place on 11 August. Over 150 participants attended and gained insights into the current market trends and latest training technologies. Meanwhile, winners of 2016 Association for Talent Development (ATD) Excellence in Practice Award shared views and provided guidance on maintaining competitiveness and successful training.

Our professional analysis, the 2016 Training and Development Needs Survey, is based on the data provided by corporates in Hong Kong.

On the other hand, our speaker line-up also deserves a spot. For example, in 2017 we have invited Mr Alston Leung of the MTR Corporation; Ms Judy Feng of The Hong Kong Jockey Club; Mr Steve Lawrence and Mr Nigel Slattery of Cathay Pacific Airways; Ms Eva Lo of Cordis Hotels; Mr Chester Tsang and Mr Barry Ip, our Learning & Development Committee's co-chairpersons. All of our speakers are the experts within the training industries.





Drama Presentation Workshop

The workshop Drama Presentation conducted on 28th July was full of laughter and joy. Speakers Ms. Jo Ngai (魏綺珊and Mr. Rensen Chan (陳文剛) presented this topic with interactive role-plays in different situations and social status. To participants’ surprise, drama presentation skills can be highly relevant to HR professionals.

Participants learnt about the power of words, importance of body language and gestures in order to have better team cooperation and skills to present own thoughts. Trainers concluded the workshop with a remarkable “Gibberish” session – a great practice for vocal expression, physical volume and class engagement. At the end of the seminar, participants were equipped with a wide range of skills, including the application of drama techniques to present themselves in front of large audience.


IMG 5400 IMG 5350

Visit to Jockey Club Minimally Invasive Surgical Skills Centre

Learning and Development Department has organized the corporate visit event in Jockey Club Minimally Invasive Surgical Skills Centre. The visit provides exposure on using advanced technology in employee competency to experienced HR & training professionals in corporations in Hong Kong.

The centre has a primary aim to overcome the acknowledged drawbacks of traditional training methods in surgery by developing an advanced training system offering MIS techniques along with virtual reality. This will be the future development of training activities. We will continue to deliver high-quality seminars /visiting events to our fellow members.



IMG 5193



Seminar on Unleash Talent Potential through Belbin Theory


The Unleash Talent Potential through Belbin Theory seminar took place on 12th July. Ms. Cathy Mo shared her experience on how to the Belbin®  theory help their organization development and team building.


The participants acknowledged the 9 Belbin® Team Roles and their contributions and utilize the personal report and uncovering their team members’ potential.


 IMG 5147

IMG 5150


Seminar on 體驗式學習發展趨勢及應用

The “體驗式學習發展趨勢及應用” seminar took place on 22nd June. Mr. Panda Lee shared his experience on how to use experiential learning for training and development

The participants acknowledged the trend of using experiential learning, the example of using experiential learning and the related module like ORID. We will continue to provide related seminars to the participants.

 IMG 4962

IMG 5031


Seminar on Business Storytelling for Leader® 

The “Business Storytelling for Leader” seminar took place on 8th June. Ms Arunanjali Maria and Ms Soundari Mukherjea shared their experience on how the leader can become a successful storyteller.

The participants acknowledged what makes a business story, how to build rapport with their team and understand the impact of stories and how to harness them to provide clarity.

 IMG 4805

IMG 4808


Seminar on Creativity and Innovation with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Workshop

The “Creativity and Innovation with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop” seminar took place on 31st May. Dr Harry Wong shared his experience on innovation and use Lego as a tool to gain insights in tackling problems and communicating with teams.

The participants acknowledged the ways to create innovative ideas that contribute to the success of the organization. They also gain good insights of how LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method is relevant for change management, creativity & innovation and problem-solving for them and their team at work

 IMG 4732

IMG 4739


HKIHRM Hosts Seminar on Unlocking Talent Potential for Creating High-performing Workforce

On 26 May, the HKIHRM organised a seminar entitled “Unlock Talent Potential -Talent Management Strategies to Create a Higher-Performing Workforce”, attended by over 60 participants who enjoyed a full day of learning how to build a sustainable learning organisation with high-performing culture, add value to their own branding agenda, and handle diversity management.


Over 14 speakers from renowned organisations, such as the Immigration Department, Fragomen Worldwide, ACTE Global, Talent +, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital, HCC Global, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong Police Force and Lane Crawford shared their insights into comprehensive and strategic talent management strategies in their individual presentations and panel discussion sessions.

 unlock talent potential seminar

Seminar on Coaching and Mentorship Skill Enhancement Workshop

The “Coaching and Mentorship Skill Enhancement Workshop” seminar took place on 21st April.  Ms May Kwong, co-founder of Academe, shared her experience on coaching and mentoring like How effective use of feedback can help you become a better mentor or coach, common roadblocks to feedback and how to resolve them.

The participants acknowledged the importance of coaching and understanding frameworks to make giving and receiving feedback easier - both for self-development and for coaching their teams.

IMG 3884

Seminar on Developing an innovative workforce

The “Developing an Innovative Workforce” seminar took place on 9th March. Around 30 participants enjoyed a great day by learning how to be part of an innovative workforce. Dr Victor Lo, Founding Director and Chairman of the Institute of Systematic Innovation, Hong Kong, shared his inspirational ideas and pioneering concepts by using the Kano Model that showcased creative ways to attract customers in business context.

Dr Lo also played a game with his “Smart Flash Cards”, allowing the participants to identify business challenges with ease and generate new ideas for value creation. The participants acknowledged the importance of innovation and believed the seminar helped broaden their horizon.


IMG 3421

HKIHRM Hosts Seminar on Latest Legal Compliance Trends 

On 10 February, the HKIHRM organised a seminar called “Looking Back, Looking Forward-Legal Compliance Update”, allowing participants to understand the latest trends on legal compliance issues.

Four professional speakers including Mr Leon Liang, KYC/AML Product Consultant, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), Thomson Reuters Risk; Mr Dicky Wong, Senior Inspector of the Hong Kong Police Force, Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau; Ms Jennifer Tam, Senior Associate, Mayer Brown JSM; together with Mr Edmund Lam, VP and Head of Training and Development, Human Resources, Fubon Bank (HK) Limited shared insightful views and thoughts on legal compliance, its implications for and impact on the local banking industry, cyber security, pre-employment screening, training and development, common cyber-crimes in 2016, as well as 2017 legal updates.

The event was well-attended by around 110 HR practitioners who enjoyed a very informative day of learning.



Seminar on Global Immigration Trend & Impact on HR Community

The HKIHRM organised a half-day “Hong Kong Inbound Immigration & Beyond” Seminar on 19 January, offering attendees a bird's-eye view of the global immigration trends, factors driving change, together with related strategies for success.
The Institute invited three senior immigration experts from Fragomen to share how corporate immigration would impact the global workforce and help achieve business success.
Ms Magdalene Tennant, Partner of Fragomen, a global immigration solutions consultancy with over 40 offices worldwide, shared a myriad of case studies in Hong Kong and Taiwan to illustrate how corporate immigration can be managed effectively. Another partner from Fragomen, Ms Becky Xia, introduced New Work Authorisations categories and the impact on employers in China. Mr Kenneth Lau, Director of the Asia Pacific Coordination Centre (APCC) from Fragomen Singapore Pte. Ltd., talked about the latest trends in protecting local workforce in various jurisdictions such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. Over 30 HR practitioners attended the seminar.




HKIHRM Members Visit Marine Department

The HKIHRM’s L&D Department organised a half-day visit for 20 HR professionals to the Hong Kong Marine Department’s Training Centre on 29 November 2016. The training centre was set up in December 2000 in order to provide professional maritime training for marine officers and ensure safe operation of the ports under Hong Kong’s jurisdiction.
Mr Basil Leung Wing-shun, Marine Controller of Marine Department, demonstrated to the visitors the most advanced simulators (the full mission ship simulator and vessel traffic services simulator) used for marine training. The attendees were also briefed about a wide range of HR training courses and technology deployed by the Marine Department.



【2016 HKIHRM Pay Trend and Benefits Seminar Offers Industry Insights】

The 2016 HKIHRM Pay Trend & Benefits Seminar took place on 2 November. It was attended by a full house of 250 participants who enjoyed a great day of learning and networking, thanks to an excellent line-up of speakers including economists, HR experts, legal advisors, and pay & benefits consultants.

DSC 6036


Data Privacy Programme Steers HR Practitioners Away from Data Privacy Crisis

On 4 October, the Institute invited representatives from the Office of Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data and Squire Patton Boggs, a leading law firm, to conduct a seminar to address personal data usage and privacy issues. At the seminar, Mr Stephen Wong Kai-yi, Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, shared the key principles of data protection, in the light of collection purpose and means, accuracy and retention, use, security, openness, data access and correction.

As the number of companies in Hong Kong adopting the BYOD (bring you own device) practice is on the rise, the Commissioner advised HR practitioners to conduct a risk assessment that will cover employee private data and to develop and implement security systems to protect personal data from being improperly and illegally accessed. Mr Nick Chan, Partner of Squire Patton Boggs, reminded internet users not to recklessly agree to any terms and conditions posted on websites as doing so may leak personal data to the public.

Data Privacy Programme


HKIHRM 2016 Annual Training Needs Seminar cum ATD Post-Conference

The HKIHRM organised the HKIHRM 2016 Annual Training Needs Seminar cum ATD Post-Conference Sharing at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 26 August, attracting 112 HR practitioners to the event. Mr Barry Ip and Mr Chester Tsang, Co-Chairpersons of the HKIHRM’s Learning and Development Committee, shared the major findings of the 2015 Training and Development Needs Survey and offered their insights.

In the same seminar, other speakers addressed hot training-related topics such as using technology for effective staff engagement; various challenges faced by HR professionals in carrying out corporate programmes; as well as compliance training for employees.


Internal Training Consultancy Skills: How to add value from requests for training

"Internal Training Consultancy Skills: How to add value from requests for training". More and more we are finding that businesses want to see a clearer commercial return from any investment in training. This seminar focused on enhancing internal consultancy skills for HR & Training professionals to use proven tools and techniques to proactively deal with Manager and Director requests for training. This allowed them to effectively distinguish and rectify people performance issues and training needs.

It also covered the most effective ways to deal with training interventions and how to build and present a professional business case for training programmes.

The participant’s feedback was extremely positive ‘I was inspired as a trainer. It has made the my work more rewarding and I will be far more proactive’ said one participant. If you missed this seminar, don’t worry, join our next seminar now!

Internal Training Consultancy

Future of Work

On 22 March, HKIHRM organized the event “Future of Work” to prepare fellow HR practitioners for the future. Four prominent speakers shared their insightful views on the future of work.

Margaret Cheng, HKIHRM’s Vice President and Managing Director, Group Head of Human Resources, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, shared the findings of a recent study by HKIHRM to look at how political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors interweave and will reshape the role of HR in the future. Wilson Wong, Head of Insight and Futures, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, presented his views on future talent research and their implications on strategic workforce planning. Martyn Perkins, Regional Operations Director-Asia Pacific at Knorr-Bremse Asia Pacific (Holdings) Limited and Eric Yee, Head of North Asia (Talent Solutions) at LinkedIn, both stressed that HR practitioners need to harness the knowledge on technology and social media for better management of future talent. Susie Quirk, Partner, People and Change Advisory Lead, Hong Kong & China, KPMG, acted as a facilitator of the Panel Discussion Forum.

The event achieves tremendous success with the help of all the speakers and facilitator, and also because of the support and cooperation of the attendance.Enroll in HR as Business Partner Workshop to further your understanding of the changing face of HR.

For more information on upcoming courses and events, please visit upcoming program

IMG 0680


Global Remuneration Professional (GRP®) 

The first round of Global Remuneration Professional (GRP®) Programme started in March. Participants can expect to become competent HR practitioners after completing the programme, with newly acquired knowledge of remuneration and reward management. Speakers of the programmes are HR experts from Singapore, Thailand and other countries.
The first two modules of the certificate programme in March were held by Mr Steve Spencer, an independent consultant & trainer, and Mr Lincoln Lee, Chief Human Resource Officer of Ezra Holdings Limited who lectured on total rewards management and quantitative calculation of remuneration respectively.


Looking back at 2015, Looking forward to 2016 and beyond

IHRM is glad to invite speakers, Ms. Pattie Walsh and Ms. Jeannette Tam from Bird & Bird Law Firm to hold a Key Hong Kong Employment Law Developments seminar: “Looking back at 2015, Looking forward to 2016 and beyond”. With 41 participants, including business leaders and human resources professionals in different fields attending the seminar, the event finished in a significant success and all the participant certainly have a better understanding at the Employment Laws changes that happened in 2015 and will happen in 2016.


The seminar touched on topic included: Sex Discrimination Ordinance and "The Discrimination Law Review"Amendments to the Labour Tribunal OrdinanceStatutory Paternity LeaveMinimum WageCompetition OrdinanceContract (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance.Standard Working HoursAnti-age discrimination legislationData privacy in the workplace and section 33 of the Personal Data (Privacy) OrdinanceLabour Tribunal Reform – Labour Tribunal awards and reinstatement/ re-engagement of employee.

looking forward lookig back


 9/12/2015 Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance

Mayer Brown JSM, delivered two seminars on the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance hosted by Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (HKIHRM) on Wednesday 9 December at HKIHRM’s office. The seminar had an overwhelming response with 150 senior HR professionals attending from a wide range of industries.

The seminar “The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance – What You Need to Know”, addressed the practical issues faced by HR professionals once the Ordinance is in force on1 January 2016. Content covered the new Ordinance’s key features, the potential impacts in the employment context and concluded with a case study.  

 If you missed this golden opportunity, you may read relevant materials shared on the seminar for Contrtact Rights  and Rights of Third Parties Bil

HK 3rd party ordinance

2015 Hong Kong Police College Visit

HKIHRM L&D Department led 30 HR professionals to visit the Hong Kong Police College on 4 December 2015. All the participants had a chance to learn about a diverse range of best practices shared by different award winners at the Police Force. The Police College plays a crucial role in helping police officers acquire professional knowledge and management skills. During the visit, the participants were briefed about the latest psychological development skills and able to understand the role of advanced learning technology used by Hong Kong Police Force in their training. 

HKIHRM Police College Visit

2015 Pay Trend & Benefit Seminar

HKIHRM's 2015 Pay Trend & Benefit Seminar took place on 3 November 2015, attracting more than 200 participants from the HR and business sectors. The Institute's Vice President, Mr Lawrence Hung reported on the findings of 2015 Pay Trend Survey and pay and benefits outlook in 2016 while another Vice President Ms Alice Wong revealed results of the Institute's latest survey on talent shortage in Hong Kong. They were joined by other speakers who addressed the hottest issues including Hong Kong's economic trends, the competition law and latest updates on MPF schemes.

HKIHRM Pay Trend Photo

Industry veteran shares insights on ROI with HR professionals

HKIHRM is pleased to have invited the former Vice President—Human Resources of DHL UK, Mr Nigel Fox, to hold a half-day seminar called Evaluating HR Effectiveness – From "Happy Sheet" to Return on Investment on 7 September. As a hot topic, Return on Investment (ROI) is about adopting an extensive range of strategies to optimise a company's gain with the least amount of output, with HR professionals taking up a key role as strategic partners. A number of practitioners, including HR managers and directors from Hong Kong and Mainland China, attended the seminar to gain insights and share with other professionals their invaluable experience related to the topic.


Industry veteran shares insights on ROI with HR professionals

2015 Annual Training Needs Seminar & ATD Post-Conference Sharing

2015 Annual Training Needs Seminar & ATD Post-conference Sharing was successfully held on 13 August. The full-day event attracted more than 100 HR heads and professionals from various industries and business sectors. At the seminar, Mr Barry Ip and Mr Chester Tsang, Co-chairmen of the Institute’s Learning and Development Committee shared findings of the HKIHM’s 2014 Training and Development Needs Survey. They were joined by other HR and training experts who addressed the latest manpower development trends such as technology-enabled training, as well as new challenges and approaches in learning and training development.


HKIHRM Annual Training Needs Seminar 2015

Return on Investment (ROI) – a Hot Topic within the Business World

The importance of taking Return on Investment (ROI) into account in business management has been raised. Acknowledging the increasing HR professionals' needs in ROI, HKIHRM offered a one-day workshop, Introduction to ROI for HR & Training Professionals, to members. Being a Certified ROI Practitioner (CRP) from Singapore, Colin Millward shared the mysteries of ROI and its importance to business success.

"A great programme L&D professionals cannot afford to miss. The ROI approach, complimented by the trainers teaching methods and comprehensive material, made participants rethink the value of their own training activities, for justification of their existence especially in the down times."

Mr Francis Mok, HKIHRM Immediate Past President


Mini-Conference: Unlocking Talent Potential

The HKIHRM organised "Unlocking Talent Potential" seminar at Empire Hotels on 6 February, during which various profiling systems were introduced to help identify and maximse the potential of talents in organisations scientifically. This was a significant seminar in February because three honourable speakers, who are the experts in profiling systems and talent management, are invited. The seminar was run sucessfully with speakers' sharing and ice-breaking activities with around 70 participants.


 Photo 3

Certificate in Train-the-Trainer R1 2015

The HKIHRM successfully held its highly rated training programme Certificate in Train-the-Trainer 2015 Round 1 in early 2015. Six seasoned training professionals were invited to share their knowledge and expertise during the five-week course which aim at helping participants acquire a full spectrum of knowledge and skills needed by a professional trainer. Topics including the role and objectives of learning and development, training programmes design, training methodologies and delivery were covered.

IMG 4348

Structuring International Secondment 

On 19 January 2015, HKIHRM organised a two-hours seminar, Structuring International Secondment, with Bird & Bird. It is a famous international law firm and is also the top award winner at the European FT Innovative Lawyers 2014. In the seminar, Padraig Walsh and Ying Wang, the two speakers, shared numerous life examples on common legal concern which international organisations would come across usually. This seminar brought high quality legal knowledge to our member and was well evaluated.


IMG 4288


Ø  Getting ideas across at meetings

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